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Our Story

The origin of Five Oceans Advisors traces back to a cold email that Marc sent to Chris back in 2016. Marc had just opened a brand new office in downtown Santa Monica for a multi-billion dollar RIA based in Arizona, and Chris had recently hung his own shingle right around the corner. While looking up {other local competitors}, Marc stumbled across Chris’ website.  He was struck by Chris’ vibe and the similarities in his take on the financial advice industry. He felt compelled to reach out.

That cold email, which Marc claims is one of only four cold emails he’s ever sent in his life, turned into an in-person walk-and-talk overlooking the ocean. That first walk turned into multiple walks and many energizing conversations over the years, always culminating at this totem pole at the northern end of Ocean Avenue. Marc and Chris would talk about life, family, business, and their shared vision of a different future for wealth management.

Fast forward five years, Marc and Chris – both entrepreneurs motivated to help others pursue lives of purpose, fulfillment and happiness – took the plunge and launched Five Oceans Advisors to build a company that brings their vision to life.